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Bouquet Essentials: Lily of the Valley

We're still talking about our #4 most-popular flowers this week! Next on the list is Lily of the Valley, so let's get to talking about this popular flower to build a bouquet with.

Photo credit: @figaandco

What is Lily of the Valley?

According to Grower Direct, Lily of the Valley is an originally-European flower that has been distributed to North America and Asia. It's a flower with a lot of different names and symbolism throughout the world. Catherine Middleton's bouquet even featured Lily of the Valley in her 2011 wedding to Prince William of England. They're a very aromatic flower and therefore can add another dimension to your wedding bouquet!

What do you need to know about Lily of the Valley in a bouquet?

Growing season

Lily of the Valley is considered a spring flower, but you'll want to talk to your florist to see if they're in season in your area for your wedding.

Color variety

Lily of the Valley is traditionally white, but can come in a light pink as well.

Bloom size

Lily of the Valley is a lot like delphinium or lavender in the sense that it's a lot of small flowers on one spikey stem. Our brides really seem to enjoy that aesthetic lately. Lily of the Valley specifically has little bell-shaped flowers that branch off of the main stem and hang upside down. Like the other flowers we've talked about in recent weeks, Lily of the Valley is good for accenting and brightening a bouquet, but not necessarily for filling large amounts of space.