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Using Lavender to Build a Bouquet

We at Bridal Bouquet Builder actually have 5 flowers tied for 4th place on our flower suggestions ranking, which of course is compiled from your suggestions through our app.

Lavender is one of those tied for fourth, so it's probably about time that we chat about this gorgeous addition to a bouquet.

What is lavender?

According to HGTV (Forney, n.d.), lavender is a good cut flower for bouquets. It has a pretty aroma and can be used either fresh or dried in a bouquet. The tricky part about lavender is that you have to harvest it at just the right growing stage, or their stems won't be thick enough to support the weight of the flowers. You also have to wait until conditions are dry and sunny to cut lavender for similar reasons, since lavender is very good at catching and holding on to water.

What do you need to know about lavender in a bouquet?

Growing season

Lavender tends to be a summer flower, so you can typically get lavender in May-August in North America. Different species of lavender bloom at different times, however, so you may end up with a different species depending on when you want your wedding.

Color variety

Lavender can come in the following colors:

Sunlight fades the color of dried lavender, so be sure to store your bouquet indoors if you plan on having dried lavender in it!

Bloom size

Lavender have blooms similar to those of delphinium/larkspur: small flowers clustered on long, spikey stems. When dried properly, they stand very straight and can be grouped together or spread out to accent a bouquet.

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