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Bridal Bouquet Builder

General FAQs

I’ve built my bouquet; now what? How do I share it with my florist?

In order to share your bouquet idea with your florist, you can take a screenshot of your bouquet design to send to your florist, or you can export an image of your bouquet. Just click “Export” and then click “Capture High-res screenshot. The image will be saved in your gallery.

Is there a way to collaborate with others within the app?

At this time, we don’t have a setting to collaborate with other users on our app. We are currently working on a solution to make our Bridal Bouquet Builders more user-friendly with the ability to share visions with your bridal party.

Right now, you can send exported images or screenshots to each other and make adjustments on each individual's app. Whether it’s the wedding bouquet for the bride, bridesmaid flowers, or table arrangements, our builder will help you build the perfect virtual bouquet online.

Are the visuals on the app only with a ribbon, or can they be in a vase or box?

At the moment, we only have the option to show and create your bouquet vision without vases or boxes. Our Bridal Bouquet Builder apps are designed to help you envision your wedding bouquets by using different flowers and sizes to create a beautiful bouquet that will complement your wedding theme colors.

Can I design boutonnieres on the app?

We are currently working on ideas to incorporate boutonniere designs on our app for more cohesive bouquet and flower planning abilities.

How many flower varieties do you have available on the app?

We have over 250 flower varieties available on our app to design bouquets, ensuring that our customers have a vast selection to choose from and create their perfect bouquet. From classic roses to unique and exotic blooms, our flower variety covers it all.

How may I suggest a flower to be added to the app?

We would love to hear your suggestions on what flower to add to our next build. Click on the “About” page to find the “suggest a flower” button. Your suggestions will be emailed to us. We are keeping a tally to find out what flower our users want most.

Are the flowers seasonal?

Flower seasons vary by region. Since our app is used worldwide, it is best to contact your florist to learn what blooms are in season at the time of your wedding.

We have various flowers that you can utilize on our Bridal Bouquet Builder to easily craft your ideal bouquet aesthetic. With this innovative tool, you can design the overall style and concept of your bouquet without having to select specific flowers. Our builder allows you to experiment with a wide range of flower types and colors, so you can uncover the perfect combinations that will flawlessly complement your chosen color scheme. Our app gives you a 3D 360 view of your creation so you can truly imagine what your bouquet design will look like!

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Bridal Bouquet Builder

Specific to Bridal Bouquet Builder 3 (AKA Bridal Bouquet Builder)

Some varieties of flowers aren’t showing up in my bouquet, now what?

A bouquet can only hold so many flowers. You may want to lower the quantity of some of your other flowers in the bouquet.

Alternatively, you can turn on Prominence by tapping the slider underneath the button used to add new flowers on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Varieties with a high Prominence will be more likely to appear in the center of the bouquet, while those with low Prominence are more likely fall to the outer edge of the bouquet or not be included. By choosing different Prominences for different flowers, you may be able to load more flowers into your bouquet.

How much time does a bouquet take to process?

Processing time depends on the number of objects being pulled in and type of phone (older phone= slower; newer phone= faster). If your bouquet is very intricate, please be patient with the app, but our team has never had to wait more than 30 seconds for a bouquet to process.

How can I rearrange the flowers in my bouquet?

When you build a bouquet, you can tap “Update” in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and the flowers will automatically be arranged in a different pattern in your bouquet.

How do I start over?

If you only want to remove one type of flower from your bouquet, click the garbage can next to the flower you want to remove and then tap the “update” button at the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

If you want to completely start over, click the new “Clear All” button on the bottom of the screen and then tap “Yes” when asked if you want to delete all your flowers. This will only delete the flowers in your current bouquet and won’t affect any of your saved bouquets in the Premium version of the app.

Bridal Bouquet Builder

Specific to Bridal Bouquet Builder 4

How do I save my bouquet?

The newest version of Bridal Bouquet Builder auto-saves your bouquets for you.

I bought individual items from the app's flower store. What happens with those purchases if I buy an All-Access Pass?

Customers will not receive credit or refund for past purchases in the app's "Shop" when purchasing the All-Access Pass.

How do I suggest a flower in the new app?

The "Suggest a Flower" button can now be found under "About" off of the app's home screen. You can also Report a Bug or restore your purchases in the "About" section.