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Wintery Wedding Favors to Match Your Bouquet

  • Though it isn't absolutely necessary to have your wedding favors match your bouquet in some way, it is a very cute touch that will leave your guests with memories tied together through the ceremony and the reception. In winter, there are some very themed ideas to keep your guests warm and stay with the season, but I encourage you to get creative with it! For now, let's get you started with a couple of ideas to get your gears turning.

A Couple Wedding Favor Ideas

Add a Sprig of Evergreen

Some brides will tie a small sprig of evergreen into the tie of their wedding favors. This could also go for another accent in your bouquet, such as pussy willows or dried grasses. Whatever you choose, it'll add a small bit of extra texture to your tables and can be very cheap if you choose an in-season sprig.

Use Pine Cones as Name Card Holders

Photo credit: @lovemydress

A popular accent in winter bouquets is the pine cone. Pine cones can be easily transformed into name card holders for your guests. You could stick wire holders from a craft store into the tops of your pine cones or cut a small slit in the tops of the pine cones so your name cards can sit in the little slit. You could also wrap ribbons around your pine cones and slip them through a hole in your name cards, so the name card hangs like a tag on the pine cone. Pinterest has many creative ideas of how to incorporate pine cones into your wedding decorations.

Make Hand Warmers in Ribbon/Fabric from Your Bouquet

We talked briefly about including plaid fabric or festive ribbon in the handle of your bouquet during last week's blog post. In keeping with this design idea, you could use the same fabric or ribbon you put on your bouquet handle to wrap up some cheap handwarmer packets (or flax seeds) for your guests. This will keep your guests warm and be a cute addition to your special day.