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NEW: Winter Bouquet Pinterest Board

Title: "Winter Wedding Pinterest Board" with a purple, hand-drawn bouquet in the background. The background has purple and gold watercolor texture to it and a gold border around the edge of the image.

The weather outside is frightful, but you have your chilly wedding to look forward to! In celebration of the season, I've compiled a Pinterest board to help get your creative juices flowing for your wedding bouquet. Let's chat winter wedding bouquets while you check that out!

Winter Bouquets

"Winter" means something a little different depending on what part of the world you live in. In snowy places, the assumption might be that a winter bouquet will be filled with maroons, greens, and/or blues to fit in with the holiday season. In sunnier and warmer climates, brides may think of a winter bouquet as more vibrant and colorful and less constrained to the traditional colors of Christmas. No matter where you are, there are some trends in winter bouquets, though, and our new Pinterest board was put together in order to highlight them. Below you'll find a short excerpt on different accents that I picked out based on the bouquets in our board.

What do you need to know about winter bouquet accents?

Pine cones

A popular accent of the season, pine cones are an element we're trying to add to our companion app - Bridal Bouquet Builder. In the meantime, though, just know that natural pine cones can be sticky with pitch, so you might want to have your florist source your pine cones or get some from a craft store rather than collect them yourself. There's many different types of pine cones, but the short and round versions that are most popular in bouquets are the seed-producing cones, while the longer and more slender cones instead produce pollen.


A less-than-common but vibrant flower to add to your bouquet is a poinsettia. I hadn't thought of adding these bright red beauties into a bouquet before, but if you're a bride who wants to lean into the holiday spirit, it's a great option to have!

Dried Grasses

As discussed in our previous post on fluffy bouquets, dried grasses can add a soft element to the texture of your bouquet. To match with the warm, fuzzy ideal of a snow-scape outfit, you can add a soft, fluffy texture to your bouquet. Another common accent that can be listed under this category is little puffs of white cotton. Ask your florist for more specific examples based on your area!

Plaid Ribbons

Another favorite for Christmas enthusiasts, plaid ribbons can bring a bright element to your wedding. Some brides may enjoy a rustic/lumberjack aesthetic with the help of plaid ribbons, too!

Blue Mountain Thistle

A fantastic flower to add to your bouquet to give it a pop of blue! Privet berries can also achieve this look quite well. Ask your florist what they'd recommend in your arrangements to give your bouquet a pop of color (assuming you start with a white base). Pro Tip: If you're looking for darker colors in your bouquet, try searching the word, "Moody," to get the results you're looking for!

To see more about different bouquet flowers, check out our blog posts on daffodils, delphinium, dahlias, lilacs, carnations, hydrangeas, lavender, or lily of the valley.

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