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Build a Bouquet with Lilacs

Here we are, at #4 most-popular flower once again! For a recap on how we find out which flowers are most popular in a bouquet, click here.

What are lilacs?

Firstly, they're my favorite flower. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, lilacs were the flowery bush of choice in front of little country houses and their smell always gets me in the mood for late summer - despite all the heat and humidity.

According to Wikipedia, lilac, also known as syringa, is a woodland flower that grows in temperate regions, but originated in Europe and Asia. Lilacs grow on small trees and have simple heart-shaped leaves.

What do you need to know about lilacs in a bouquet?

Growing season

Photo credit: @flowersbyld

The flowers bloom in late spring or early summer and can continue blooming through most of the warm season. They have an intense and sweet fragrance that can add a dimension to your special day.

Color variety

According to Wikipedia, lilacs can come in a wide variety of colors, such as the following:

  • White

  • Purple

  • Pink

  • Pale Yellow

  • Deep burgundy

  • "Cotton Candy" - a gradient of pink and white on the same head of flowers.

Bloom size

Each floret is about 5-10 mm, but they come in large heads of flowers that look like fluffy clouds. Similar to hydrangeas and lavender, the flowers grow in bunches. Lilacs are small, but their heads can fill a lot of space in your bouquet depending on the species.