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Build a Bouquet with Daffodils

Daffodils are the newest contender for #2 most-suggested flower! After a few days of consistent submissions, daffodils have risen up the ranks. For a recap on how we find out which flowers are most popular in a bouquet, click here.

What are daffodils?

Photo credits: @studio_floweresque

According to Wikipedia, a daffodil (AKA narcissus or jonquil) is a springtime flower. Daffodils typically have six petals centered around a "corona," which is a kind of tube that projects out of the flower's center - which makes sense because "corona" means crown. Daffodils have little crowns!

What do you need to know about daffodils in a bouquet?

Growing season

Daffodils are a spring flower, but you'll want to ask your florist about the options you have in your specific area as far as fresh daffodils go. Some species are extinct or endangered, so it's important to responsibly source your daffodils if you build a bouquet with them.

Color variety

According to Wikipedia, daffodils can come in a wide variety of colors, such as the following:

  • Yellow

  • White

  • Orange

  • Pink

  • Green

  • Any alternating combination of those colors with the corona being one color and the tepals being another color.

Bloom size

Daffodils are measured by their corona size, which are usually a little under 2 inches (50mm) long. Daffodils usually grow independently, unlike hydrangeas and lavender which grow in bunches, so it's important to discuss with your florist how this can rack up the price of your bouquet before you make any final decisions.