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You'll Love This: Geometric Wedding Designs

  • What look are you going for on your special day: chic? Unconventional? Whimsical? Elegant?

No matter what style you envision on your wedding day, geometric designs can add a pop to your decor, invitations, and even bouquets!

Geometry and flowers? Together?

Many brides are using geometric cages to prop up or hang flowers as centerpieces, cutting their flower budget down while maintaining a floral air at their reception! It seems like an odd pair, but geometry and algebra have been used to explain the curves of nature and the ways flowers work for a long time, namely with this little thing called the Golden Ratio. Even if you don't remember the Golden Ratio from your math days, just know that the sharp lines and angles of geometric shapes can complement your flower choices gorgeously!

It's amazing what a can of spray paint can do.

Photo credit: @janekellyfloral

Gold is the color of choice for many brides on social media. From cages around lights and flowers, to graphics on invitations and cakes, to geometric shapes that hang from above as decoration, many brides are opting for gold or rose gold geometry in their weddings lately. You're your own person though, so go nuts with whatever color you'd like to have at your wedding!

Geometry can be featured in big and small ways!

We wrote a blog not so long ago about hoop bouquets (found here), and if you add a metal or otherwise smooth material as the handle of your hoop bouquet, that can add a geometric element to your wedding day! In fact, some brides are using triangles instead of hoops! Even if you don't want dangle-y shapes or a big backdrop of straight lines and sharp angles, you can accent with geometry on any scale you'd like.