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Winterizing a Bouquet for Cold Weather

Of course, "winter" means something different depending on where you live, but in colder climates, brides may have to contend with a unique difficulty: their wedding flowers could wilt in the cold! Fresh plants often have a hard time staying beautiful while walking down the aisle on a chilly day or taking pictures out in the snow. What can a bride do about this conundrum? Let's talk about it!

What can I use fresh in my cold weather bouquet??

Your best bet to have fresh pieces in your bouquet is to include those that match the season: pine cones, acorns, evergreen sprigs, berries. These plants will have natural protections against the cold and snow that other plants don't typically have. If these ideas don't trip your trigger, try asking your florist what your options are where you live. Depending on your area, some fresh flowers may be in season for you to use in your bouquet.

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What are alternatives to fresh flowers?

Wooden or Paper Flowers

A surprisingly trendy alternative to fresh flowers, wooden bouquets can be coated to withstand cold temperatures, wind, or snow if necessary and are easily kept as a keepsake. Wooden flowers are pretty hearty to begin with though, so your florist might not even have to treat your flowers!\

Dried Flowers

Another great alternative to fresh flowers is having a dried bouquet. To get more information on this idea, check out our blog posts on dried bouquets and fluffy bouquets.

Charm Bouquets

You can make a bouquet out of almost anything, but ribbons and charms can be darling and blingy, if you're into that.