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What You Need to Know About Hydrangeas to Build Your Bouquet

Last week, we talked about how Bridal Builder ranks which flowers are most popular.

You can find that post here if you're curious. Overwhelmingly, our fan base's favorite flower for a bouquet is hydrangeas. Who'da thunk?

Let's talk about this flower, why it's so popular, and what to expect from your florist when you show them a bouquet design with hydrangeas in it.

?What is a hydrangea

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A hydrangea is a plant that's native to Asia and the Americas with a lot of species diversity. Hortensia is another common name for hydrangeas. The flowers we refer to as hydrangeas grow on a shrub typically and bloom in large heads of many small flowers. Hydrangeas are known for needing lots of water, which is why their name roughly translates to "water barrel" in Greek, according to

What do you need to know to build a bouquet with hydrangeas?

Growing season

Because there are so many species of hydrangeas, they're practically growing somewhere on the globe at any point in the year. That contributes to their popularity, since they've traditionally been used for spring or summer weddings, but can be available in the fall or winter now, too. Ask your florist about hydrangeas' growing season in your area and remember that if they're in season in your area during your wedding season, you might be able to save some money!

Color variety

Hydrangeas are known for having deep colors in hues such as the following:

  • pink

  • blue

  • red

  • white

  • purple

  • green

Bloom size

Hydrangeas can come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. What you might be interested in as a budget-conscious bride is the idea that heads of hydrangeas are relatively large. This means that you don't need a lot of them in your bouquet because they take up so much space. Depending on the time of year and your florist, this could save you money on your flowers. Talk with your florist about your options that way!