The Autumn Pinterest Board of Your Dreams

We've published a new Pinterest board just for the brides out there who are anticipating a fall wedding in the coming years! Fall can be a versatile season with many different ideas for a wedding theme!

Color Palette

Whether your fall wedding is rustic or not, you need to start with a color palette. A traditional fall wedding may be thought of as red and orange (or a combination known as "Rust"), but as you can see in our new Pinterest board, muted blues, purples, or even burgundy could set an elegant fall tone. Some colors will give the day an exciting and vibrant look, while others will set a sleepy or low-key tone. Ask your wedding vendors (such as your wedding planner or florist) for help on this decision if you're overwhelmed with your options!

"Fall" Doesn't Have to Be "Rustic"

You don't have to prescribe to an all-brown-and-tan wedding, nor do you have to put out pumpkins and barrels as décor if that's not your style. Don't get me wrong - I'm a huge fan of barn weddings with a million fairy lights and never-ending pumpkin pie, but it isn't for everyone. The cool thing about your wedding is that the fall season doesn't dictate your theme - to really deviate from rusticness, try a sage or burgundy color palette or include a lot of elegant (dare I say black-and-white?) signage and decorations that move away from the barn and barrel appeal. Macramé, for instance, could lend a beach feel to your wedding instead of a rustic one.

Fall Bouquet Favorite

Pampas grass is popular with rustic and non-rustic brides alike, adding a textural element, size, and dimension to a bouquet. If you're curious about dried grasses in your bouquet, take a look at our old Fluffy Bouquets blog post! Other favorites include pine cones, pumpkins, long ribbons on the handle, and messy sage greenery. Take a look on our Pinterest account to play with ideas for fall accents, styles, and bouquet handles!