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Skeletons and Your Halloween Wedding

Happy Halloween, everyone! Tomorrow is the official spooky day of 2020 and we've traversed a lot of eerie topics on this blog throughout the month of October. Today, we'll take a look at skeletons- a perfectly scary and whimsical addition to a Halloween wedding.

Skulls and Your Wedding

Believe it or not, having the bride and groom in skull face paint is a bit of a mini-trend on Instagram in the past few years. Some couples have taken the face paint to be a symbol of their vows: "Til death do us part." I'm sure that for others, it's simply a fun addition to their wedding day that expresses their spooky passion loud and clear. No matter the symbolism or nature of this idea in your wedding, it can be a very bold statement and very clearly celebrate a Halloween wedding.

Skeleton Hands

Skeleton hands (which can be found cheap at the Dollar Store, DIY'ed, or otherwise found all over the place during October) have been used in a variety of settings in the wedding scene: in a bride's hair, on the cake, or even as goblet stems! All you have to do is get creative with this enchanting decoration.

Photo credit: @growingwildbv @mckenzie_bigliazzi

Cake Toppers

Flowers (especially dried flowers) can make an elegant and spooky cake topper for the ages. But you know what can also be a darling cake topper (and could be combined with dried flowers or flower petals)? Skeletons, of course! Skeletons and skulls grace plenty of cakes on Instagram. Another variation on this idea is to have sugar skulls or chocolate skulls on your cake as decorations. The possibilities are endless!

Animal Skulls

Maybe you aren't a fan of the human skull aesthetic. That's okay! A somewhat rustic way of incorporating skeletons in your wedding despite that aversion is to use animal skulls instead of human skulls. My parents are big fans of cow skull and deer skull aesthetics year-round, for instance. You may want to be careful about the religious views of your guests and/or the community around your wedding venue if you go this route, though. Just ask your wedding planner or venue host if these symbols would be offensive in the area, especially if you're having a destination wedding.

Skeleton Guests

Truth be told, entire skeletons have been known to join the party - not just the skull or the hands - and they can be absolutely charming guests! If you're a fan of this idea, you can buy poseable skeletons at most big box stores nowadays and dress them up in clothes from the thrift store. You could also get creative with this idea - just have fun!

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