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Sandy's Origin Story: Bridal Bouquet Builder

Summer of 2020, Sandy set out to make the lives of her brides easier.

Earlier this year, Sandy put together her thoughts on the beginnings of Bridal Bouquet Builder:

Just a little bit about our history. I have been a wedding and special event florist an event decorator since 1990. And I still LOVE smelling the roses!

My wonderful husband, Todd, and I decided to create a program to help brides visualize their wedding bouquet. Let me tell you...I underestimated the time and effort (and money) it would take.

Our first 2 attempts were a computer program. I was impressed with both programs.

We had every kind of flower you can imagine, and about 25 different styles of bouquets you could choose from. We needed our programmers and web designers to work together to make it happen. With technology moving so fast, we just could not get the final puzzle piece in.

In January 2018, we decided to go another route, an app (pictured above). We have a long way to go before we will have all of the features we had in our programs, but we are working on it.

But we were adding to our app, Bridal Bouquet Builder 3 ( the app with 3 flowers in the logo) the programming company dissolved.

The following month we decided to try again, BBB4 (the logo with 4 flowers in it). This is the big one! We have a long way to go to put everything in the app we had in the original program. But we are working on it.

Please! Give us your feedback! Fill out the "contact us" page on our website, we want to hear what you would like added to the app!