Round Bouquet: The Classic Style

What can I say about a round bouquet?

Round bouquets are a classic and widely-recognized style of bouquet that often use a single type of flower and are often monochromatic. "Round" refers to the dome-like shape of these bouquets. In all reality, you can get very creative within the style of a round bouquet.

This is an example of a more modern round bouquet. It still follows the typical tight domed shape of a traditional round bouquet, but strays from a strictly monochromatic palette. This is a great place to start if you think you want a round bouquet!

You can go on Instagram and look at #roundbouquet for a lot of great examples of tighter, smaller bouquets and larger, messier bouquets.

Funnily enough, my mom used a larger bouquet to hide her baby bump at her wedding. She used to tease me when we looked at old photos that I was behind her flowers at the wedding!

They can be as messy or tight as you'd like them to be! To the right is a good example of a little bit of messiness in a round bouquet. By using leafy or grassy greenery and small flowers such as baby's breath, you can turn a snug bouquet into something with a little more flare and dimension.

Not to mention, your handle can be another expression of your style! You can have a hand-tied handle, a handle with ribbons, a handle with beads, and more!

Ask your florist about the options you have within this cute and timeless bouquet style!

This was an artificial bouquet made by Sandy at Flowers of the Field.