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Raise a Glass for the Modern Bride

  • Last time we talked about wedding wellness, we left on the note that the best thing you can do in these hard times is focus on your significant other. After all, the point of your wedding is the union between you two. It helps to keep a clear focus on that end goal rather than get lost in the minutia of all the other things you had to push off or miss out on.

That being said, it's also okay to grieve the parts of your wedding that you haven't been able to enjoy. Whether you had to completely cut out parts of your wedding, delayed them, or are missing a loved one due to the hardship that 2020 has brought, you have every right to grieve what you've had to let go of this year.

Taking care of ourselves as humans has become a monumental task over the course of the year, but for brides, the it has been an even bigger battle. Coordinating changes with vendors, losing deposits you've already made, letting your family and friends know about the situation, and dealing with the idea that your wedding is "up in the air" due to the coronavirus pandemic are just brief glimpses into the stresses that brides have handled this year.

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Let's raise a glass to all the 2020, 2021, and 2022 brides who have had to rethink and re-plan their wedding days due to the craziness this year has brought.

Please don't forget about your support system in these trying times. Your significant other, bridesmaids, and family and friends are all excellent resources to rely on when you need a mental health break or a vent session.

As much as I can tell you to drink more water, get some sleep, and exercise a little, taking care of yourself in these ways only goes so far. For the moments when you need some backup, a shoulder to cry on, or a moment of self-reflection and your support system isn't available, take it upon yourself to find resources like those mentioned below. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and I want to make sure you've got the tools to take care of both.

Take your time and do what you need to do. For anyone who's struggling with their mental health, with stress, or with focusing on what matters most, I personally suggest Take This is a mental health nonprofit which shares mental health resources for all budgets and availabilities. Although Take This is made by nerds for the gaming community, the resources they share can be used by anyone, for any mental health need. Their "Mental Health Resources" page holds everything from crisis hotlines to online therapy resources (including some that are free) to a super low-key blog with helpful tips.

I stumbled upon through interacting with World Builders, a nonprofit of geeks doing good that happens to be based in my city.

Share your wedding mental health tips in the comments to help out your fellow bride! Don't forget to love each other.