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NEW Pinterest Board: Spring and Easter Bouquet Ideas

  • Spring bouquets are more versatile than I first thought. Originally, I equated spring bouquets to Easter colors and tulips, but I found more wiggle room in that regard than I thought I would. Let's talk spring bouquets and what I found most fascinating about them when making our spring bouquet Pinterest board!

Texture! Texture everywhere!

I surprised myself this week, being that I'm normally a fall-and-Halloween-centric kind of girl, in that I really enjoyed some of the bouquets I saw while scrolling through Spring-themed bouquets. I always thought spring bouquets were all about bright and pastel colors, large blooms, and all things that remind me of Easter. What I found instead was that Spring-themed bouquets tend to be more about texture than color. For instance, I saw a bouquet made entirely of pink tulips, but with a baby's breath collar (adding smaller blooms with a fluffy texture to an otherwise stark arrangement). Dried grasses and fluffy elements are also commonly used in Spring bouquets and as a girl with a thing for texture, I was drawn in! I even saw a bouquet with carrot-like protuberances which added a harsh texture - quite unique, indeed.

Photo credit: @designsbyamberlanier and @erinltaylorphotography

Not just big bloom territory

I was also mistaken in assuming that spring bouquets are big bloom-centric - that is, they're all large-bloomed flowers and some greenery. I learned that things such as small daisies, baby's breath, and textures like lavender and wheat are very popular in spring bouquets and add a depth to the arrangements.

Ribbon or hand-tied handles dominate

If you're interested in keeping with the season's trend, ribbon or hand-tied handles will be the best options for you. I didn't see any lace or burlap handles in my search for spring bouquets, but that doesn't mean that you can't spice things up that way. Some of the bouquets I saw didn't appear to have a handle other than the natural flower stems - so maybe you'd want to go au naturale with your bouquet handle. Ask your florist about the options available to you and have fun being as creative as you want with it!