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NEW Pinterest Board: Baby's Breath Wedding Inspo

  • I've put up a new Pinterest board for your viewing pleasure! Find some beautiful wedding day inspo around the flower baby's breath here. In the meantime, let's talk about the flower a little!

Photo credit: @littlefloralllc

What is baby's breath?

They're small, white flowers that tend to grow in clumps. Baby's breath is traditionally used as a filler flower, but has caught some traction with modern-day brides as a centerpiece flower in their décor and bouquets. Because they're so trendy right now, it seems pertinent to make an inspiration board and share some nuggets of information with Bridal Bouquet Builder's followers!

What do you need to know about baby's breath?

Good for many themes

Baby's breath is not only classic, but also fits in well with weddings of all kinds: rustic, elegant, fairytale... The simplistic form of baby's breath can really lend itself to any theme, depending on what you pair it with. Rustic weddings could pair baby's breath with burlap ribbons, mason jars, or twine while fairytale weddings could pair it with fairy lights, garlands, or white lanterns. More minimalist brides can even leave baby's breath as-is and not pair it with anything, simply letting their florist put together décor that works for the theme.

Lots of Uses

Décor, bouquet, boutonnieres, centerpieces, lining the aisle, decorating the invites, flower crowns... Baby's breath is so easy to use and is also very DIY-able if you're into that sort of thing. You can find lots of ideas on how to incorporate baby's breath into your special day at


Baby's breath is relatively cheap and takes up A LOT of space in an arrangement, making it a very budget-friendly decision. In fact, baby's breath is so easy to scale up in your wedding because it's so cheap, so you can have all sorts of EXTRA arrangements on your wedding day like kissing balls, table runners, baby's breath in water on your tables, table runners, garlands, and more while still staying on-budget! Who knew such a little flower could pack such a powerful punch on your wedding day?

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