Monochrome bouquets

Photo credit: @magicgardenflorist

Another cool trend to talk about is brides who have chosen monochrome bouquets in recent years. When I heard the term, "monochrome bouquet," I thought it would be a very minimalist style with little variation to offer, but after scrolling Pinterest to create a board for you to reference, I found that there are multiple ways to make a monochrome bouquet dynamic and eye-catching. Ideas such as using different tints of the same color, using different bloom sizes, and even using texture elements can help your monochrome bouquet pop.

The Colors You Can Use

In a monochrome bouquet, you use one color of flower (plus white or black in some cases) for the entire bouquet. This can sometimes result in a flatter look in the bouquet (which might fit your aesthetic for your special day!), but by using different tints of the same color in your blooms, you can make a bouquet that retains some depth and interesting points to draw the eye. Here's a post with more on how to choose the colors you use in your bouquet

Textures Can Make the Bouquet Pop

I saw a lot of monochrome bouquets out there with things like pampas grass, pussy willows, and dried grasses that added another layer of dimension and fun to the bouquets. Often, I saw these additions in bouquets that had a neutral color palette, but you could always get artificial or spray painted dried grasses to add into a bouquet of any color. Textures can come from a variety of sources, so make sure to brainstorm with your florist to make your bouquet perfect!

What Role Does Your Bouquet Play in Your Wedding?

Do you want to stand out, or would you rather have your bouquet stand out so you don't have to receive too much attention? There's a bit of a science to creating a bouquet that acts the way you need it to in your special day. I'd suggest collaborating with your florist, but if you want to start planning without your florist, take a look at this post on Bouquet Color that goes in-depth about how color influences where your guests' eyes will be drawn when you walk down the aisle. Not to mention, varying how many big and little blooms you have in your bouquet can make a big difference, too!