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Hoop Bouquets: Flower Trend 2020

Simple, elegant, easy to hold for pictures... What more do you want in your bridal bouquet?

The hoop bouquet has been around for a couple years now, but it continues to gain traction in wedding trends of the West. It's a modern and elegant way to follow the long-held tradition of the bridal bouquet without getting caught up in the bulkiness of a traditional bouquet.

You can have a metal hoop, a wood hoop, or anything your heart desires!

Photo credits: @bouquetsposa, @mundo.noivinhas

You can have as many or as few flowers as you'd like!

With just a huge variety in flower and accent choices!

Possibilities are endless!

Are you going to try hoop bouquets in your wedding party? Maybe your bridesmaids will have hoops while you have a traditional bouquet? Let us know on our social medias! What do you think of this trend?