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Honoring Loved Ones Passed with Your Bridal Bouquet

This week's topic is a bit somber compared to most, but it crossed my mind whilst planning my mom's upcoming wedding: how can a bride and groom honor their loved ones who have passed on? My mom is exploring a photo collage of sorts, but I thought other brides may feel like they would rather have a smaller gesture towards their loved ones, so let's talk about the little ways you can incorporate them into your flowers.

Photo credit: @giftsbyme2015


You can add charms of all kinds to your wedding bouquet, from a small portrait of your loved one dangling from your bouquet handle to small charms decorating your flowers that symbolize the loved ones you're missing. Likewise, boutonnieres and corsages can be adorned with a small memorial charm.

Leave a Rose for Them

If you choose to have a seat for your loved ones who have passed, you can leave a sign there, put framed pictures of them on the seat, and/or leave a rose for each of them. It's a very sweet gesture that can mean a lot to you and the rest of your family (or friend group, as the case may be). This goes for any flower, too, by the way; a rose is traditional, but if you have a different flower that would work better for any reason, feel free to be flexible about it.

Decorate a Prayer for Them

I've seen some instances of people having a prayer or poem printed or done up in calligraphy that is then mounted or framed and decorated in flowers. Similar to leaving a rose on their seat, this idea brings life to the prayer and highlights it as an important part of your wedding day.

If you're looking for more inspiration, I highly suggest searching, "honoring loved ones at wedding" on Pinterest. There are many ideas there that aren't flower-based and can really help you cope with your loved one's inability to physically be at your special day.