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Give Plants as Party Favors at Your Wedding

We've talked about wedding favors in the past - the little keepsakes you give to your guests to take with them after your special day has ended. We talked about food favors in last week's post and we talked about winter-themed favors in another post, but have you thought to give your guests the gift of a plant to remember your special day? "Let love grow!"

Live Plants

Photo credit: @queenofsucculents

Succulents are an especially great gift to give your guests, as they're generally harder to kill than the average daisy. They also don't take up much space and, depending on where you live, can be relatively cheap. A live plant will give your guests something they aren't going to just shove in the back of a closet for all eternity: it'll be something to nurture once every week or two and a reminder that they're an intimate part of your new life together.

Resin-Preserved Flowers

There are a lot of things that can be done with resin nowadays, including preserving gorgeous flowers in a bubble of time! There are resin artists all over the world, so I encourage you to look around and find one near you. For instance, you could give your guests resin coasters like those pictured here. This option can get a little pricey, so instead of party favors, you could limit these gifts to only your wedding party, your parents, or a select couple of close friends. You could also opt for a smaller bauble, such as a flower book mark or a decorative bead. Talk to your resin artist to see what you can reasonably do within your budget!

Dried Plants

A "cheap-as-you-want-it" option for anyone who lives near wild flowers is dried plants. Drying your bouquet is an excellent way to preserve it for yourself, but you could also press and dry flowers before the wedding that could be given to guests as-is, in cute little bottles, glued onto cards, or otherwise creatively displayed as keepsakes for your guests. If you're an ambitious DIY-er, you could go to a local forest or grow your own specific variant of flower and pick them yourself. If you're more of a laid-back bride, you could ask your florist what they could do for you within your budget instead. No matter your route, flowers are a very elegant party favor regardless of if they're fresh or dried.