FREE TOOL: Dice Tables for Bouquet Creation

Dice Tables for Indecisive Brides

How to use a dice table: Find the category of bouquet decision you need to make: Bouquet Type/Shape, Flowers (Big Bloom, Medium Bloom, or Small Bloom), Greenery, Accents, or Handles. Then, roll a die to randomize which item on that list you add to your bouquet! The number on the die corresponds to the number on the list that is chosen. For example, if I roll a six-sided die when choosing my Bouquet Type/Shape and the die rolls a 5, I’ll be building a hoop bouquet. Don’t like what you rolled? Discard that roll and roll again! - It’s that easy!

If you don’t have dice at home, use one of these virtual dice rollers instead:

Bouquet Type/Bouquet Shape

Use a d6 (a six-sided die) for this table.

  1. Round

  2. Cascade

  3. Pageant

  4. Pomander

  5. Hoop

  6. Nosegay

Start with the bouquet shape if you're stuck on the beginning of the bouquet creation process. You can find more examples of what these bouquet types look like by making a new bouquet on the Bridal Bouquet Builder app (new bouquet types coming late 2021).


Use a d12 (a 12-sided die) for these tables.

Photo credit: @lilybreezecreative

Big Blooms

  1. Sunflower

  2. Garden Rose

  3. Dahlia

  4. Lily

  5. Gerbera Daisy

  6. Calla Lily

  7. Hydrangea

  8. Lilac

  9. Peony

  10. Magnolia

  11. Gardenia

  12. Chrysanthemum

Medium Blooms

  1. Tulip

  2. Anemone

  3. Rose

  4. Carnation

  5. Dendrobium Orchid

  6. Ranunculus

  7. Blue Mountain Thistle

  8. Succulent

  9. Astilbe

  10. Daffodil

  11. Alstroemeria

  12. Lisianthus

Small Blooms

  1. Baby’s Breath

  2. Privet Berries

  3. Rose Bud

  4. Stephanotis

  5. Lily of the Valley

  6. Delphinium

  7. Forget-me-not

  8. Snapdragon

  9. Freesia

  10. Hyacinth

  11. Wisteria

  12. Amaranthus


Use a d12 (a 12-sided die) with this table.

  1. Dusty Miller

  2. Eucalyptus

  3. Italian Ruscus

  4. Maidenhair Fern

  5. Pittosporum

  6. Variegated Pittosporum

  7. Seeded Eucalyptus

  8. Pampas Grass

  9. Lavender

  10. Lamb’s Ear

  11. Leatherleaf

  12. Bells of Ireland

Bouquet Accents

Use a d6 (6-sided die) with this table.

  1. Ribbon Loops

  2. Pine Cones

  3. Jewels

  4. Charms/Brooches

  5. Pearls

  6. Long Ribbons

Bouquet Handles

Use a d6 (6-sided die) with this table.

  1. Hand-tied

  2. Ribbon

  3. Ribbon and Burlap

  4. Lace

  5. Satin

  6. Metal or Bling