Follow-up: Dice Tables and Bouquet Decisions Part 2


Last week's post was on dice tables, a tool that can be used to help indecisive people make decisions by using the randomness of rolling dice. I was so busy explaining how to use the dice tables that I forgot to explain the impetus for making them in the first place! Let's talk the origin of these dice tables before I forget.

Firstly, I'm a tabletop nerd.

So is Joe, Bridal Builder's one and only app coder, and he's even written whole tabletop RPG games! He's an insanely talented nerd and if you'd like to check out his books and games, click here. Long story short, Joe is part of the reason I got into tabletop games and we've become really good friends through them.

Tabletop games run on the rolling of dice. There are dice with many different numbers of sides, ranging to just 3 sides to 6 sides (like our traditional die) all the way up to 20 sides! Dice collecting is a huge side-hobby for tabletop nerds because they can be made in incredibly pretty colors, in different sizes and weights, and even with things like flowers, glitter, or Pokémon inside!

Dice tables can be used in tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons to randomize what traits different characters have, what kind of encounters happen to your players, and more! In this spirit, I use dice tables all the time in my everyday life. Mostly, I'm an indecisive eater, so I've made dice tables out of my favorite foods and whenever I can't decide what to eat, I roll dice to see what the Fates think I should have. I don't always take the first suggestion the dice give me, but it helps point me in the right direction and snaps me out of analysis paralysis.