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Fluffy Bouquets: The Up-and-Coming "In" Thing

Fluffy bouquets?!?! Christina, what do you mean by, "fluffy"? Fluffy is NOT a bouquet term, just so you know.

Yeah, I get that, but whilst looking through the many wedding and bouquet-related hashtags on Instagram, I've noticed a growing subset of brides who are adding dried grasses, flowers, and accents that make a bouquet just seem, well, fluffy!

As a fan of fluff in all its forms (blankets, sweaters, pillows, stuffed animals), I may be biased in seeing this trend in bouquets, but I'm also a self-proclaimed expert on fluff. Seriously, go to WalMart with me sometime and watch how many things I impulsively need to feel as we walk past. I love to feel fluffy things of all kinds.

So, whether you use these fluffy additions as a collar for your bouquet, as accents, or as something completely new and creative, rest assured you won't be too out of style! I think it's worth highlighting because it's a style that exists and can help you make decisions to build a bouquet.


Lavender isn't only an amazing herb with a great fragrance, but it's also an awesome way to add texture to your bouquet!

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Pampas are a South American grass that add volume and softness to any floral arrangement. They're especially appropriate for a destination wedding

Pussy willows

Pussy willows are something I see a lot of in the ditch lines of Northern Wisconsin. They're adorable and soft and they look like little kitten mittens! Though small, pussy willows are a great way to add some fluffy texture to a bouquet while remaining classy.


Overall, dried grasses seem to be the most popular "fluffy" addition to a bouquet. There's a huge variety of grasses you can choose from with slightly different textures to each. Ask your florist about what grasses are available if you're looking to add some fluffy texture to your bouquet!

What else do you think we should add to this list? Leave a comment or send us a message!