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Flower Spotlight: Chrysanthemums

REALLY??? The key to life and happiness is to

grow a single flower? The answer to that question

is probably not, but this quote does give some

interesting insight into the importance that

chrysanthemums, a flower you might not know

all that much about, held in early East Asian cultures.

An Ancient Past

The Chinese people were using chrysanthemums as an herbal remedy as early as the 15th Century B.C., as an herb they believed to hold the power of life! The Chinese had many different uses for the flower: the boiled roots were given to cure headaches, the stems were often used in salads and the leaves were brewed to create a festive drink. The Chinese city of Chu-Hsien, which means Chrysanthemum City, was named to honor the flower. It’s safe to say they held chrysanthemums in high regard!

Why have Chrysanthemums in Your Wedding Bouquet?

A sea of colors

Firstly, Chrysanthemums come in a crazy variety of colors for you to build a bouquet with. They also come in numerous varieties, from the Football mum to the Spider mum, you have plenty of options. Plus, this flower plays well with a wide variety of other traditional and unique flowers you might be considering in your bouquet.

Add Volume and Texture

Chrysanthemums are a great element to add when you need your bouquet to have a little more... shall we say, va-va-voom? No matter the feel or tone you're going for with your bouquet, Chrysanthemums deepen the message with their dynamic look and feel.

Make Simple Centerpieces

Because Chrysanthemums are so complex, they make delightful centerpieces on their own. Considering your bouquet informs how the rest of your wedding flowers are designed, this is a great thing to keep in mind!

If you want to know more about chrysanthemums, you can visit the National Chrysanthemum Society's website at