Floral Spray Paint is Your Ticket to Eco-Friendly Colorful Wedding Flowers

What is Floral Spray Paint?

Floral spray paint is specifically designed to be kind to flower petals. True DIY brides can go with traditional spray paint if they truly prefer, but floral spray paint has a number of benefits that traditional spray paint doesn't. The first is that floral spray paint is formulated to not weigh down or break down the petals on a flower. Secondly, floral spray paint has a different base solution and therefore blends more naturally than traditional spray paint does between coats. Lastly, floral spray paint sticks to a wider variety of delicate and hard surfaces than traditional spray paint does.

Photo credit: @ellisrosefloraldesign

Is it Eco-Friendly?

We've all heard about how harmful spray paint can be to the environment, but floral spray paint companies have formulated their products with this in mind! There are brands such as the Kennicott Brothers-suggested COLORTOOL Line by Design Master that have eco-friendly, lacquer-based solutions that won't harm our ozone layer.

What can I do with Floral Spray Paint?

Obviously, you can change the color of fresh or artificial flowers, but what else can you do to make your design pop? You can airbrush the flowers, so the paint is used as an accent to the flower's natural color. You can frost the tips of the petals with floral spray paint. You can touch up a flower's natural color to make it more uniform than it naturally is. You could also mist the blooms to create a fade of color or to transition colors throughout your bouquet.