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Do You Need a Flower Crown on Your Wedding Day?

Flower crowns are versatile and fun way to add more flowers into your wedding day! Flower crowns go back as far as bouquets themselves in wedding celebrations and can be worn by anyone from the bride to the flower girl. Since the flower crown is hardly a forgotten staple in wedding planning, you might be wondering if you should have one on your head during your special day.

Photo credit: @the_custard_cat

A flower crown as unique as you

Flower crowns are very customizable to a bride's personality, similarly to a bouquet's customizability. You can choose large, colorful flowers if you wish to draw attention to your head or face, while small, muted-toned flowers can add a flare of elegance without drawing too much attention to you. The sky's the limit. You could have a crown of just baby's breath if you'd like a messy, but elegant accessory or you could have big ranunculus like the flower crown pictured here!

Fragrance can add depth to your wedding

If you'd like to have a certain smell to remind yourself of your wedding day in the future, consider making your flower crown out of fragrant herbs and flowers. The crown will likely stay with you much longer than your bouquet will, so the smells you experience because of the crown can be a splendid reminder of your special day when you look back on it down the road. Your florist can help you pick flowers and herbs that make sense with the rest of your wedding flowers. If you're a big fan of this idea, you could add some essential oils to your crown on the day of your wedding to really make those fragrances pop!

Add that "queen" feeling to your special day

Whether you're a "slay it" kind of queen or an "elves and fairies are my aesthetic" kind of queen (no judgement, by the way - I'm entirely the latter), a flower crown of the right genre will add that little air of specialness to your wedding day. Even if you only wear it for the pictures, you'll have that extra little something that has some sparkle for the moments that matter most to you.