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Dahlias: An Essential Flower Consideration to Build a Bouquet

  • This week, we talk about our #3 most-suggested flower, the dahlia.

You guys seem to be big fans of the dahlia, as well! Let's talk about this flower, why it's so popular, and what to expect from your florist when you show them a bouquet design with dahlias in it.

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According to The Spruce, Dahlias are very diverse flowers, ranging in color and bloom size as well as petal shape. This flower is native to Central America and has 30 species. Dahlias are considered cut flowers by most florists. They're somewhat persnickety to grow, as their temperature and sunlight have to be right to yield preferable results, but are quite long-lasting. The stems are especially sturdy, so they make good arrangements (such as bouquets)!

What do you need to know about dahlias in a bouquet?

Growing season

Dahlias bloom between mid-summer and the first frost of the year. Because they're very hearty, dahlias can actually still bloom after a light frost, but won't last long in the cold. Dahlias need full sun, so once winter hits, they will typically stop blooming for the year.

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Color variety

They're diverse, just like hydrangeas. Florists like to play with dahlia genes and make new, more spectacular versions of dahlia every year!

Bloom size

Dahlias range in size from little buds to plate-sized flowers, depending on how big the overall plant is. Since dahlias are really hardy like hydrangeas, there's a wide variety of them.