Build a Bouquet with Earth Tone Flowers for a Gorgeous Wedding Day

What does "earth-toned" refer to?

Earth tones are a somewhat vague set of colors defined by having a brownish hue added to them. Since brown is the color of dirt, this set of colors is referred to as "earth tones." Earth tones are generally thought of as browns, peaches, and tans, but can also include hues of other nature-inspired colors such as light blues, sage greens, and even dark reds or burgundies!

Any rich, warm color can be included in a bouquet of earth tone flowers.

What kind of variety can I see in earth-toned bouquets?

Dried grasses

As stated in past posts, I'm a sucker for texture and dried grasses are my personal preference in adding soft whimsy to a bouquet. Many grasses, when dried, turn a tan or brownish hue and work especially well in a earth tone color palette. If you want the texture of grasses in your bouquet, but don't love highlighting the more brown hues in your bouquet, try getting them sprayed with other colors, such as the blues, greens, and reds I wrote about above.

Muted colors

Colors that also go well with earth toned flowers include muted blues, greens, reds, oranges, and other near-pastel variants of colors you'd expect to see outdoors. A popular combination I noticed while scrolling Pinterest and Instagram was earth tone bouquets combined with muted blue accessories, such as shoes or handbags.

Wooden bouquets

A popular trend in 2020, wooden bouquets are sustainable, great keepsakes, and also naturally lean toward earth tones. Many rustic-themed wedding incorporated wooden wedding flowers largely for this reason. Some creators of wooden bouquets will include earth-toned colors such as brownish reds, pinks, golds, and even blues! If you choose a wooden bouquet, it's also an amazing opportunity to support a small artist who makes them rather than a large wedding company.