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Bouquet Breakdowns Make Bouquet Creation a Breeze

In my time researching the wedding bouquet space for this brand and this blog, I've stumbled across these cool tools called, "bouquet breakdowns." I thought bouquet breakdowns were the perfect tool for a bride just starting to put together ideas about her flowers, so I took it upon myself to put together a Pinterest Board dedicated to these graphics.

Photo credit: @fabulousfloral

Two Kinds of Bouquet Breakdowns

A bouquet breakdown is a picture of various flowers that are labelled for a bride to pick out from the group. There are two kinds of bouquet breakdowns I included in this board, including:

  1. A picture of a bouquet, completely put together with arrows pointing to the individual flowers.

  2. A picture of various flowers laid on a plain background, individually labelled with their flower types.

How to Use a Bouquet Breakdown to Your Advantage

A bouquet breakdown is a great way to familiarize yourself with the kinds of flowers you like because you'll be able to tell your florist the names of the flowers you want in your bouquet. Treat bouquet breakdowns like reference items to get your gears turning and make notes of what you do and don't like on a piece of paper to tell your florist.