Aisle Meadows

I was perusing Pinterest and the larger internet in hopes of finding ideas that would inspire me to write a blog post and, of all things, the phrase "aisle meadows" caught my eye. Coined by floral designer Shean Strong and quoted in's post about 2021 wedding trends, my adventurecore aesthetic-fueled heart had to follow this trail of bread crumbs in pursuit of making this trend a wedding must-have for our readers!

Photo credit: @jonathansborba

What is an aisle meadow?

Aisle meadows are a kind of floral arrangement installation. They're somewhat sizeable, like a flower arch or flower wall, but serve the function of separating the aisle from the guests' seating during your wedding ceremony. Essentially, the bride and wedding party are meant to look like they're walking through a path in a large meadow when they walk down the aisle. Aisle meadows can fit any theme or flower combination and you should ask your florist if they're comfortable discussing them with you if you're interested in having one at your wedding!

Where can I see some examples?

You know me - I had to put a Pinterest board together for you! Aisle meadows are a relatively-new trend, which means that searching for them on the internet doesn't pop up a lot of results. Thankfully, Pinterest boards exist and you can now find a handful of aisle meadow examples on the Bridal Bouquet Builder Pinterest page.