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A Guide to Bouquet Size

  • What kind of bride are you?

Do you like to be the star of the show? Then a small bouquet may be for you!

Would you rather not be in the spotlight? Then a bigger bouquet will draw peoples' eyes away from your face.

Photo credit: @floracultured

Most couples spend 8% of their wedding budget to purchase flowers for their wedding. That number varies depending on the types of flowers that they purchase and how many bouquets, centerpieces, and floral decorations they'll need. That's a sizable thing to handle, so let's make sure you get your bouquet right!

One easy rule of thumb:

Make sure the bridesmaids flowers do not outshine the bridal bouquet.

Example: don't make the bridesmaids' bouquets larger that the bride's. Make sure you look as if you belong to the same wedding.

Sandy says, "One saying that I learned in design school was 'when in doubt, leave it out' . If you do not love it, leave it out. We're going for, 'I love my wedding flowers!'"

It is debatable whether or not to have different-sized bouquets based on the size of your bridesmaids.

A bridesmaid may be very self conscious of her size, whether big or small. Consider keeping your bridesmaid bouquets uniform in size to save your bridesmaids any embarrassment.