A Guide to Bouquet Color

Today, you get to hear some tips about bouquet color straight from Sandy!

Use your Color Scheme

Choosing colors for wedding flowers causes many brides to stress out. Fortunately, you don't have to pick flowers that are the same exact colors as your décor.

You should be picking blooms that complement your overall wedding color scheme. Look at the colors for the invitations, attire, table decorations, and random accents that you are including in your wedding.

Match your Wedding Style

Your flowers should stick with the theme. If you are having a black-tie traditional wedding, you should stick with tidy arrangements. At informal weddings, you can make the bouquets more creative and looser with the flowers and include this same theme in the wedding centerpieces.

Embrace your Wedding Season

In general, you can choose whatever flower you want at your wedding, but is the flower in bloom during that season? Depending on the time of the year you are getting married, you should research flowers that work well in certain seasons. For example, tulips and peonies in the spring or dahlias and mums in the fall. Keep in mind that seasonal flowers vary by region and everyone has their opinion on what a certain seasonal color is.

Talk to your florist about seasonal flowers. Professional growers have done a remarkable job at extending the season for many flowers, so fresh flowers come from throughout the world. Each climate is best at growing a certain variety of flower. It may be difficult for your florist to get out-of-season flowers ready in time and it could also be more expensive if you ship the flowers in.

If you are going green, ask your florist about locally grown flowers.

What role would you like your flowers to play in your wedding?

Would you like them to stand out and be a focal point or be treated more like an accessory, like a piece of jewelry? How your flowers stand out is determined by the color scheme of your flowers against the dress color.

  • Example – lets say you have red bridesmaid’s dresses and you have a white gown. If you carry a bouquet of red roses, that bouquet will stand out next to your white dress. If the bridesmaids carry that same bouquet of flowers, the red roses will blend into their red dress. The same holds true for a bride carrying a white/ivory flowers when wearing a white or ivory dress.

If you are wearing the most beautiful dress ever made, you may prefer that the emphasis be on the gown and not on the flowers. If you would like your flowers to act as an accessory, pick a similar color or colors with the same intensity as the backdrop.

  • Example - If you are wearing a white or ivory dress, choose ivories or soft pastel colors. If your bridesmaids are wearing deep purple dresses, work with more purples or flowers with a lot of deep colors, such as deep blues or burgundy.

If you would like your flowers to pop, use bright, eye-catching colors, such as bright pink, bright oranges, yellows and lime greens. When you build a bouquet, try adding other bright colors to the mix.

  • The exception to the rule: do not use more than 50% of flowers in your bouquet that are the same color as the backdrop.

  • Example - don't carry a majority of hot pink flowers on a hot pink dress, the pinks will blend together.

Don't choose a combination of flowers or colors for the bridesmaid’s bouquet that clash with the flowers or colors of the bridal bouquet.

  • One saying that I learned in design school was “when in doubt, leave it out” . If you do not love it, leave it out. We're going for, “I love my wedding flowers".

Where do you want the emphasis to be?

If you are carrying a very bright bouquet of flowers, the first impression you make may be the flowers. If you don't like to be in the spotlight, you may prefer to have a more colorful bouquet so that the attention is on your flowers, not on you.

On the other hand, if you want to be the center of attention, consider darker flowers in your bouquet.

Other Ways to Add Color to Your Bouquet

Use a Collar

Choose a Theme

Consider Dried Flowers for More Texture and Color Choices

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you find the bouquet of your dreams!