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6 Alternatives and Options for Bridesmaids' Flowers

1. Adding flowers to the bridesmaids purses.

The purses could be the “thank you” gift.

2. Wearing a flower lei, a corsage, or flowers in the hair.

3. Having the flower girl carry a teddy bear or doll with flowers attached.

The teddy bear can act as the “thank you” gift.

4. Fresh flowers: The most popular choice for wedding flowers.

PRO: Florists like our app's founder, Sandy, try to imitate fresh flowers- and sometimes come very close- but there's nothing like the real thing. CON: Some flowers are seasonal and may not be available for your wedding date.

You won't get to see your flowers until the day of your wedding. (But there is something to be said about surprises!)

Care is needed when handling fresh flowers. Keep your flowers hydrated to prevent wilting.

5. Artificial flowers:

PRO: You get to see a preview of the flowers and have the option of making changes before the wedding.

No worries about wilting flowers or flowers that are not in season.

Allergies aren't a concern.

CON: Imitating the real thing. No fresh scent – although they could be scented with oils.

If you'd like your artificial flowers to look as real as possible, choose colors that are naturally found in that variety of flower.

Example: Fresh flowers are not pure white in nature, therefore, if using artificial flowers, work with off-white flowers rather than pure white flowers.

Use a higher-quality artificial flower to help prevent your flowers from looking “fake”.

6. Dried flowers:

PRO: You get to see a preview and have the option of making changes before the wedding.

No worries about wilting flowers. CON: It may be more difficult to find the materials or someone who specializes in dried flowers.

Dried flowers are usually more delicate than other options.

Be careful when handling your bouquet to avoid loosing petals.

Remember, whether you choose fresh, dried or artificial flowers, the design concepts are the same. You can design a bouquet, regardless of the combination, in the Bridal Builder app!

You can combine fresh, artificial and dried flowers in your wedding. Sometimes florists use artificial flowers with fresh flowers if a fresh flower is out of season, very pricey, or isn't durable.