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5 Ways You Can Add More Flowers to Your Wedding

  • We usually help you build a bouquet, but today we're looking beyond!

#1: A Flower Crown

You have a little of that wild-child spunk, that country girl who enjoys fields of flowers, or you just really like flowers in your hair! A flower crown will draw eyes up from your bouquet and accent your gorgeous face, so they're a great consideration for brides who are a little on the wild side. If you're not a fan of the idea for you as the bride, you can always consider flower crowns for your bridesmaids and/or flower girl instead.

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#2: Pressed Flowers in Your Invitations

Need a little of that floral magic before the big day is even here? A really fun way to add a touch of elegance in your invitations is to press small flowers and include them inside! You can attach the flower to your invite, leave it loose inside the card, or get creative. No matter what you do with this idea, your invitations will smell nice right out of the envelope and they'll stand out from other invitations your guests might receive.

If this idea isn't in your budget but you're still in love with it, I recommend sending out invitations without flowers to some guests and sending invitations with pressed flowers to others, preferably the invitations that are going to your closest friends and family.

Pressing flowers is a fairly easy task and all you need is a book, some parchment paper, and of course, flowers! You can get creative to make this addition to your invitations very low-cost if you want to.

#3: Edible Flowers at Your Reception

Did you know that certain flowers are indeed edible? You may have heard of dandelion salads and lavender teas before, but edible flowers can add a touch of elegance to your reception. My favorite idea from this is to have sugared violets at your wedding in small dishes for guests, just for the head table, or even on your cake! The possibilities are endless and all it takes is a quick Google search and/or an inquiry with your florist to see what your options are.

#4: Flowers in Your Hair or Veil

This one seems obvious, right? We're taking some ideas out of Rapunzel's playbook. Nevertheless, having flowers in your hair or veil can add a POP to your ensemble on your wedding day. You can add flowers in a line across the edge of your veil or weave the flowers throughout. No matter your decision here, you'll have a lot of fun with it! #flowerveil has some awesome ideas to get you started!

#5: Flower Wreaths and Garlands

Another idea that seems obvious, but have you given thought to using a flower wreath or garland to accent your big day? At the ceremony, a garland could line your seats or pews or decorate the altar space with gorgeous lines of flowers! At the reception, perhaps you'd want to draw attention to the head table.

This one's a little harder to swing for budget-conscious brides, but ask your florist what your options are. It never hurts to ask!