5 DIYs to Re-purpose Wedding Flowers

1. Use a flower that was in your Mother’s or Mother-n-law’s bouquet.

As an ode to generations past, this could be an actual flower from the bouquet (if it was preserved or artificial) or simply the same variety of flower. If you build a bouquet with something so special, it's sure to leave your mom tickled pink and make your wedding day just a touch more memorable.

Special guests will be tickled pink if you give them a centerpiece from your wedding!

2. Centerpieces from dinner can be used at gift opening or be gifted to special guests after the reception ends.

They're gorgeous flowers and you paid a pretty penny for them, so be sure to get your money's worth. A guest will enjoy having one bouquet in their house far more than you'll enjoy having multitudes of flowers in your home after the special day is over. Alternatively, you can always make your gift opening pictures just a tad more aesthetically pleasing by re-using your flowers then.

3. Have your flower girl throw dried petals collected from the flowers your fiance gave you throughout your courtship.

If you're a sucker for wedding planning, this one is for you. Keep all of the flowers your fiance gives you over the years- the petals will be a nice touch when you finally tie the knot!

4. If you would like to have a living sentiment from your bouquet, use ivy!

Ivy can be rooted and planted after the wedding. This way, you'll have a plant that grows with your relationship. Build a bouquet that'll be sustainable through the many happy years ahead!

An arrangement of flowers from respected florist and our app founder, Sandy Obremski.

5. Sometimes a flower will be given as a gift.

Mothers are most often the recipient of a gift flower as a thank you for a lifetime of love, advice and always being there for you.