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5 Creative Bouquet Handles You Need to See

Pearls, lace, burlap, ribbons, jewels...

#1: Macrame bouquet wraps

Alright, I'm not the type of lady who goes gaga over macrame usually, however it is a very elegant and playful addition to a bouquet handle. I first saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought it was a darling white drape over a bride's hand. And, for that matter, you could use any color of macrame cord.

Photo credit: @thelittleavocadoshop and @dawn.charles

#2: Golden goblet/fixture handle

Oooooo, I saw this idea and the extra renaissance faire chick in me fell in love. The thrifter in me also said, "Keep your eyes open for something gorgeous and handle-shaped at the thrift store, and you'd have a classy AND cheap bouquet add-on!" Just make sure to okay something like this with your florist before spending money. Your florist may have to mount your flowers differently or you might have to find something with a hollow handle big enough to fit your bouquet stems in. It's all in how you and your florist plan the bouquet together.

#3: Peacock feathers

We've had a surprising amount of brides suggest that we add peacock feathers to the Bridal Bouquet Builder app. While we work on the behind-the-scenes magic that makes dreams like that come true, let's talk peacock feathers on your bouquet handle. On Pinterest, I often see peacock feathers intertwined with ribbon or fabric that's wrapped around the bouquet handle. This is especially effective for brides who are looking for deep, exotic, and mysterious color choices in their bouquet.

#4: Scrabble tiles

You can make them say anything - "Love", "You", "Always." For that matter, any board game, book, etc. could provide you with words to wrap around your bouquet handle. Oh, a great idea for bookworm brides just popped into my head: wrap your bouquet handle in torn/artistic book pages! Get creative and show us your creations on Instagram or Facebook @bridalbuilder !

#5: Charms

Like a charm bracelet from your childhood, you can decorate your bouquet handle with any kind of shiny bauble that represents your personality your heart desires. A cute variation on this idea is to print out small pictures of loved ones passed (for instance, a grandmother or a parent who you or your spouse were close to) and display their portraits like little open lockets hanging from your bouquet handle.