5 Basic Tips for Making Your Perfect Bouquet

1. Do your homework.

Before you build a bouquet, look online, through bridal magazines, pictures of other weddings, or get inspiration through TV shows. Another great tool to investigate what you like is the Bridal Bouquet Builder app.

Don't worry if you don't know what you want; most brides need suggestions and guidance. Your florist or event planner is there to help.

2. There are 3 major areas to focus on when picking out a bouquet.

The Bridal Builder app helps you figure out what you like!

  • the style of the bouquet

  • the color scheme of the flowers

  • variety of flowers

3. How to hold your bouquet:

You should hold your bouquet low, just below your navel (belly button). That way, you'll show more of your bodice- and not to mention, this will appear to make your arms longer and slimmer.

You'll have one perspective of your bouquet when you hold it, but everyone else will have another perspective from the audience. Look at yourself in a mirror to see the guests' perspective of your bouquet. Try to visualize what the entire wedding party picture will look like.

Lastly, keep in mind that fresh flowers are generally heavier than artificial or dried flowers.

4. There are two main rules when picking out your wedding flowers:

  • Make sure the bridesmaids flowers do not outshine the bridal bouquet.

Example: don't make the bridesmaids' bouquets larger that the bride's. Make sure you look as if you belong to the same wedding.

  • Do not choose a combination of flowers or colors for the bridesmaid’s bouquet that clash with the flowers or colors of the bridal bouquet.

One saying that I learned in design school was “when in doubt, leave it out” . If you do not love it, leave it out. We're going for, “I love my wedding flowers!”

5. It is debatable whether or not to have different-sized bouquets based on the size of your bridesmaids.

A bridesmaid may be very self conscious of her size, whether big or small. Consider keeping your bridesmaid bouquets uniform in size to save your bridesmaids any embarrassment.