3 Flower Essentials About Bouquet Type

1.Where the bouquet is held may help determine what style is right for you.

Round bouquet

This style is held just below your waist.

This is a very popular style.

You could choose to have a straight-handle or angled-handle round bouquet. Round bouquets can be made in a variety of sizes. Build a bouquet in the round style with large flowers, such as peonies and garden roses.

Cascade bouquet

This style is held just below your waist.

A cascading bouquet is where the flowers waterfall down the front of the bouquet.

This is a very traditional and formal style.

There are many different styles of cascades.

Be careful not to overpower a close-fitting dress with a cascading bouquet.

If you are going for a classic or traditional look, or if you want to add more decoration to your dress, a cascading bouquet may be right for you.

Hand tied bouquet

The stems of the flowers will be held just below your waist and the bulk of the flowers will be held in front of the bodice of your gown.

This style looks like a fresh-picked bouquet of flowers.

Hand tied bouquets are especially fitting for less formal or garden ceremonies.


These bouquets are held on the inside of your arm like a baby.

This style is given to beauty pageant winners.

If you have an escort, then you would carry the bouquet in the opposite arm of your escort. If you are walking alone, it would be your choice which arm to carry the bouquet in. Whether it be left or right, all the women in the bridal party should carry her bouquet in the same arm.

Unless you have long sleeves, this style will not cover the front of your gown.


Pomander style bouquets are held in front of the skirt of your gown.

A pomander is a ball of flowers, usually suspended by a loop of ribbon.

This style is most often carried by flower girls.

2. You could choose the same style or a different style for the bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Traditionally, the bridal bouquet is larger than the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

3. Consider where the detail on your gown is.

You may want to dress up a simple gown with a larger bouquet such as a cascade.

On an ornate gown, you could keep your bouquet simple by using a round or arm bouquet.