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The Future of Bridal Bouquet Builder

You’ve seen Sandy’s telling of how Bridal Bouquet Builder (BBB) came to be. (And incidentally, if you haven’t, you should click here to understand this post.)

Now it’s time to let the world know what BBB is heading toward.

We at Bridal Builder know there’s a lot of areas of improvement in our current app. Sandy and Todd have trekked a long way to get any form of an app that lets you build a bouquet out on the market. There’s an even longer trek to make the app everything they want it to be, with features that our fans are also calling out for. We hear you and we completely agree that the app needs:

  • More flower variety

  • More flower colors

  • Better lighting/graphics

  • Automatic refreshing of the bouquet as you build it

  • A lot of other ideas

As a development team, there’s a lot of learning, deconstructing, and getting our hands dirty that must happen before those items can come to fruition. Crazily enough, some recent changes have made these goals that much more cumbersome than they were even a month ago.

So, those of us at Bridal Builder ask for your patience. The app isn’t everything we dreamed it would be, but it is a unique product and we are learning as we go.

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