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Using Our Test App to Plan My Mom's Wedding Flowers

A couple weeks ago, I detailed what's been up with Bridal Bouquet Builder's next update. Because I'm part of the official team here at BBB, I get access to the test build of the new app version. My mom's wedding is coming up on June 12th, so she's in full wedding planning mode at the moment. This makes a golden opportunity for us to test out the new app version with a real bride (and one who's not that great with technology at that). My mom's the perfect lab rat in this experiment.

Where to start?

Thankfully, my mom already had her colors picked out since she had to nail down her bridesmaids dress colors. She's having a white, sage green, brown, and burgundy wedding, so with that information in hand, we went in search of some inspiration on Pinterest and put together a board just for Mom.

A 3-D model of a cascade-style wedding bouquet against a sage green background. The bouquet contains blush pink and white roses, sage greenery, baby's breath, stargazer lilies, and white gerbera daisies.
Building this bouquet was so fun!

Through this Pinterest perusing, we found that Mom really wants to play with the additions of pine cones, berries, and a somewhere-between-round-and-cascade bouquet style in her wedding flowers.

What kind of flowers did she want?

We're still a little confined in flower options in the new app version because there's just a small amount of test flowers available, but that didn't matter too much since my mom is going to be making her bouquets out of artificial flowers and had already gathered most of what she thought she may need in that department. She wanted roses (white and/or light pink), stargazer lilies, baby's breath, sage greenery and/or maidenhair fern, gerbera daisies (white), and perhaps a couple of white sun flowers.

Putting Mom's bouquet in the app

It barely took twenty minutes and we were able to create a cascade-style bouquet for my mom! We weren't able to add in her white sunflowers, but we did play around with the types of greenery she could try, adding or keeping out berries, and how many of each type of flower she wanted. We even changed the background color a couple times to test the bouquet ideas against her wedding dress, my sage green bridesmaid dress, and her best friend's brown bridesmaid dress! It was incredibly handy and we have a base to play with when we put together her artificial bouquets now (she's a DIY bride). The latest update of the app made it so we could turn the bouquet at different angles and zoom in and out of it, too!

There are a lot of little things to get finished up and polished before this new app version goes public, but I'm so excited to see a version of it that is functional and be able to use it! My friend, Kelly, is getting married next January, so she'll likely get to be a test user for the app as it progresses, too. I'll post an update when there's more exciting things to tell about the new app.

Thanks for reading!

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