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2021 Wedding Flower Trend You Need to Know About: Tablescapes

What is this word - "tablescape"? For those who aren't wedding trend aficionados, a tablescape is like making a landscape of your table. It's going beyond the traditional table runners to add decorations, flowers, and even lights in order to create a visual masterpiece between the plates on your reception table. Many designers and wedding planners make an art of conveying a specific mood or experience with a tablescape, but any bride can DIY a masterpiece, too! Simple or elaborate, any table decoration that enhances your experience on your special day is the perfect tablescape for you.

New BBB Pinterest Board

Get your gears turning with the help of our new Pinterest board! I hadn't originally planned on making a Pinterest board for this post, but since tablescapes are a new idea, I wanted to give you as many tools as possible to make your wedding planning a success!

There's a lot that can be done with a tablescape, so the key is to make yours uniquely "you!" There's no right or wrong way to make a tablescape, so take these nuggets of inspiration and see what makes you feel good in the process of designing your wedding day.

What can go into my tablescape?

I may be biased, but starting with greenery or a floral arrangement to match your bouquets is awesome! You can add decorations like pumpkins, pine cones, or fruits after that or go another direction entirely like adding ribbons, lights, or dried grasses for texture. A tablescape can be as simple as a few choice flowers artistically spread across the middle of your tables or as complex as a mountainous floral arrangement with lights and eclectic vases. I've even seen tablescapes that are composed of nothing but little potted succulents! They're great for any wedding theme because you can literally be as creative as you want with them!

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