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Build a Bouquet with a Splash of Color

Last week, we talked about bouquets with a monochrome color palette. This week's topic is

similar in nature to the monochrome bouquet, but is substantially less popular. I think when I get married, I'll want to have a bouquet that's monochrome with one added color that makes the bouquet POP. You know, like those black and white photos where they take out all the color except one (usually red)? I want that, but in my bouquet. As such, I went in search of enough of these bouquets to make a Pinterest board and found inspiration to write a blog post about the bold statement a bride can make with complementary pops of color in her bouquet.

Why is this bouquet style unpopular?

In my opinion, the answer to this question could be one of two things: brides have yet to really embrace and experiment with this color idea or this color scheme gets roped in with other bouquet themes because the phrase, "black and white with a splash of color bouquet" is a big mouthful. Honestly, when I look at Pinterest boards and wedding bouquet hashtags, I come to think that it's a little of both. It isn't that brides aren't open to a bold bouquet, it's just that the branding is a little off.

Let's call these, "Splash of Color" bouquets!

I picture this bouquet variant as a bouquet full of black and/or white flowers with only a small splash of blooms of another color - perhaps to match the color scheme of the wedding. Interestingly, this could apply to any bouquet that has a base color and a small amount of complementary-colored blooms in it, not just a black flower- or white flower-based bouquet. I've created a small Pinterest board to get your bouquet design gears turning (including a Pride bouquet with rainbow roses in it!).

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