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Pom-Pom Bouquets: An Uncommon Alternative to Build a Bouquet

The other day, I was scrolling through #weddingbouquet on Instagram to see what's worth talking about and I stumbled upon a rather whimsical kind of arrangement: a pom-pom bouquet.

Pom-poms are fluffy, spherical objects that you'd normally see on the top of a winter hat, in an elementary school crafting drawer, or on a clown's jumpsuit, but they have found an unconventional place as of late in bouquets.

In a pom-pom bouquet, large and small pom-poms take the place of or accent flowers in the arrangement. Although the traditional pom-pom is made of yarn, pom-poms can be made of paper, felt, cotton, or a number of other materials. You can find tutorials for the many types of pom-poms out there on the internet and on Pinterest.

Much like a flower arrangement, a pom-pom bouquet can have any kind of handle you would like. In fact, many pom-pom bouquets I've seen on Instagram use natural twigs and sticks to put stems on the pom-poms and gather into a bouquet handle. @pom.pom.pous on Instagram makes these very unique bouquets and some have burlap-wrapped or leather handles! The possibilities are endless.

Pom-pom bouquets are not for everyone, but they tickle the fancy of the crafter in me, the DIY-er with a wicked sense of humor. If you're an unconventional bride looking for something fun to add to your special day, a pom-pom bouquet may be for you!

Would you ever consider a pom-pom bouquet? Let us know!

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