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Build a Bouquet with Wedding Flower DIY Videos NEW Pinterest Board

Going with the theme of Bouquet Breakdowns that I posted about recently, I wanted to make a Pinterest board to collect DIY bouquet making videos. I thought this would be really helpful to brides who need a more dynamic or step-by-step visual reference in order to confidently DIY their own bouquets and the like. Little did I know that finding step-by-step videos on Pinterest on this topic would be so difficult.

Not Just Bouquets

I started this venture trying to put a board of only bouquets together, but after going hunting for step-by-step bouquet videos, I didn't find a lot. Those that existed were heavily interspersed between videos of florists simply showing off their completed bouquets. Don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with those videos, especially for bouquet brainstorming, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for to provide value for you. So, I added in a few videos here and there that show DIY paper and cloth flowers, centerpieces, flower cages, and other décor that you can extrapolate the skills for making a bouquet from. I hope you enjoy that little shake-up of the board's premise!

A Mix of Video Lengths

Towards the top of the board, there are longer videos I sourced from YouTube for brides who want or need a more in-depth set of instructions than Pinterest currently provides. For more independent brides, try the videos towards the bottom of the board - they're shorter and some are even less than 60 seconds long!

Reddit as Another Brainstorming Option

If none of the videos I put together trip your trigger, you can try browsing the following Reddit threads for DIY wedding flower tips:

On Reddit, you can also ask your own questions and collaborate with other brides who can help you with your specific projects! I hope you take a look and give it a try to see if Reddit is a valuable wedding planning tool for you.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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