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Listicle: Wedding Flower Pinterest Boards You Need In Your Life

The world of wedding planning is huge and daunting and wedding flowers alone can have many components to consider. I've compiled many great tips on bouquet basics, bouquet shape, size, and color, and many more topics on this blog over the last couple of years. I also really like using Pinterest as a way to bring idea boards to you, the bride or wedding planner with a million ideas on your plate. In that spirit, I thought I would create a list of resources from trusted wedding brands far and wide with all their collective ideas on wedding flowers, bouquets, and other flower-related topics in one convenient place.

Below, you'll find Pinterest boards of all shapes and sizes dedicated to wedding flowers, bouquets, and incidental wedding florals from a variety of different companies. Bridal Builder doesn't get a cut from any of the links below - I just wanted to make finding flower inspiration easier for you!

Don't forget to check out Bridal Builder's Pinterest page for some more specific boards!

General Wedding Flower Boards

Bouquet-Specific Boards

Other Wedding Flower Boards

Are there any other boards we should add to the list? Leave a URL down below and I'll consider adding it in for other brides to use!

To see more about different bouquet flowers, check out our blog posts on daffodils, delphinium, dahlias, lilacs, carnations, hydrangeas, lavender, or lily of the valley.

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Let us know what you wish you'd known before designing your wedding flowers in the comments or on our Facebook page: !

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