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Marketing a Wedding Bouquet App Changes You

Hello there! I’m one of two marketing interns that has been helping Sandy with getting the word out about Bridal Bouquet Builder this winter.

My name is Christina and I never imagined that making a connection such as this one would benefit me in so many ways.

Sandy came to the local college asking to take part in a program where students from an eMarketing class help local businesses get their marketing campaigns established or updated. My professor at the time approached me specifically and said that he knew what kind of work I could do, and he really thought Sandy would work well with me.

So began the adventure.

At first, my group and I thought we were marketing Sandy’s florist and event planning business, Flowers of the Field, so we started preparing ideas for that business. After meeting with Sandy, we learned she wanted us to help her market Bridal Bouquet Builder, an app that didn’t necessarily fit the scope of our class project. Our professor had all the confidence in us and told us to take a stab at the app anyway.

We more or less started from zero and I worked long hours to make sure Bridal Builder had content to post every day on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. I also made a website for Sandy and pitched it to her. Sandy loved the control she could have with the new website, so we got it set up right away.

I knew that being a content editor and creator was already a full-time job, but the exhaustion and sheer joy I felt in these roles was unparalleled. I really began to understand why I chose the major I chose in school. It all clicked as I started to teach Clay, my fellow marketing intern, the ins-and-outs of daily Instagram duties.

Our project began November 7th and ended December 7th, so we had one month to increase Bridal Builder’s metrics and get more downloads of the app. We were very successful relative to other projects, but we learned something from our supporters very quickly: Bridal Bouquet Builder (as a product) doesn’t meet customer expectations.

A few twists and turns down the road later,

I’m managing Clay’s activities as he gears up to take over Bridal Builder’s social media in the new year. I’m also managing Sandy’s website, always trying to make improvements, and now I’m diving into making the app work for consumers with the help of one of Sandy’s old web application developers, Joe. I’m not a coding expert and I’m not particularly great at coding, but I’m doing my best for Sandy and the amazing idea she started this journey with.

So, in 2019, I learned a lot of technical skills and had the opportunity to stretch my content creation skills as well. In 2020, I’m looking at learning 3-D modelling and coding so the Bridal Bouquet Builder app has everything our customers need and more.

Here’s to hoping next year is as productive as 2019 was- I’m really jumping outside my comfort zone here, but I have amazing people like Sandy, Todd, Ellie, Clay, and Joe that are all here with me, learning their own lessons along the way.

I'm so grateful for the Bridal Bouquet Builder family!

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