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Build a Bouquet with Freesia

Freesia is our #11 most-suggested flower, tied with three other flowers, and it's freesia's turn to get a spotlight on the Bridal Bouquet Builder blog! For a recap on how we find out which flowers are most popular in a bouquet, click here.

What are freesia?

Freesia is a genus of flowers with 16 species. The flower commonly known as "freesia" is actually a hybrid between many freesia species. These common flowers grow from a corm (similar to a tulip bulb) and have many branches that may grow one-sided shoots of fragrant, funnel-shaped flowers. Freesia are unique in that the majority of the professionally-grown flowers come from a collection of about 80 growers in the Netherlands. Freesia have various uses because of how good they smell, but their main use is for wedding bouquets - which means brides have "first dibs" on the flowers more often than not.

What do you need to know about freesia in a bouquet?

Growing season

According to Wikipedia, freesia can be planted in fall and in spring, making them fairly available year-round. Check with your florist to see when freesia will be available in your area.

Color variety

According to The Spruce, freesia naturally grow in a variety of colors, including:

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Pink

  • Red

  • Blue-mauve

  • Blue

  • Purple

Bloom size

Freesia plants grow to be 1-2 feet tall, but the flowers are much smaller, sharing their branches with 4-6 other flowers. Freesia will fill more space in your bouquet than forget-me-not or lily of the valley, but don't grow in big clusters like lilacs or hydrangeas.

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