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Build a Bouquet with Forget-Me-Not

Back to working down our list of most popular flowers, magnolia and forget-me-not are currently tied for the #6 spot! For a recap on how we find out which flowers are most popular in a bouquet, click here.

What are forget-me-nots?

According to Wikipedia, forget-me-not (AKA scorpion grass) is a common flower of the northern hemisphere. It is the state flower of Alaska and official flower of Dalsland, Sweden. They're commonly confused with a New Zealand island's "giant forget-me-nots," which you can find more information on here.

What do you need to know about forget-me-nots in a bouquet?

Growing season

Forget-me-not grows almost anywhere in a temperate climate, which is why they're best-known in the northern hemisphere. Forget-me-not can flower as soon as the snow melts, but typically flower in spring, depending on their environment.

Color variety

According to Wikipedia, forget-me-nots have yellow centers and can come in a wide variety of colors, such as the following:

  • Blue

  • Pink

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Purple

Bloom size

Flowers are typically 1cm or less in diameter, but can come in small bunches of 1-6 flowers, depending on the species. Talk with your florist about what species are available in your area so that you can determine whether the forget-me-nots in your bouquet will fill in a lot of space.

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