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You NEED a Flower Wall at Your Reception!

A drawing of a couple about to kiss in front of a wall of greenery, peach roses, yellow flowers, and anemone, with the title "Flower Walls."
Art by Marketing Intern Christina!

Flower walls are sweeping Instagram and capturing the hearts of florists everywhere! A picturesque place for photos, a wall that smells amazing, a decoration to draw everyones' eyes! What's not to love?

Flower walls are similar to bouquets in the sense that you can use any combination of fresh, dried, or artificial flowers; you can add in accents; and you can be creative with it to your heart's content! First, build your own bouquet and then center the rest of your event's flowers around it! We can help you with that!

For that matter, so can Instagram and Pinterest! Flower walls and bouquet ideas are all over the internet and there's no shortage of inspiration! If you get lost or overwhelmed, you can always play around with your own ideas with the Bridal Bouquet Builder app and ask your florist to help guide you. After all, we all want to make your special day as perfect as possible!

The following are great places to start your journey into the perfect addition to your wedding day:

We publish more Flower Tips every week on our Instagram and Pinterest accounts:


Let us know what you wish you'd known before designing your wedding flowers in the comments or on our Facebook page: !

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